The Direct Holidays travel buero Limited

1. Introduction

These general contract terms are part of the contract between you and DIREKT HOLIDAYS.

2. Registration, contract closing and terms of payment

You can book your object via the telephone or in writing with DIREKT HOLIDAYS. You will receive an order confirmation from us immediately. 50% of the booking fee is to be paid up front within 28 days. The remaining sum is to be paid with your arrival at the latest. The contract between you and DIREKT HOLIDAYS comes into effect with your down payment. If no such down payment is made within the specified 28 days then DIREKT HOLIDAYS can freely decide on how to proceed with the booked object. Upon short-term reservations of less than 29 days before the start of the booking period the whole booking fee is immediately payable and the contract comes into effect with this payment. When the outstanding sum is not fully paid by the deadline respective of the entire booking fee upon short term bookings DIREKT HOLIDAYS can withhold deliverables. You will receive the gift certificate after receipt of the down payment. Special wishes on your behalf can only be considered as non-binding wishes by the booking office. No legal claim can be made to their fulfilment unless DIREKT HOLIDAYS previously confirmed this in writing. For every booking DIREKT HOLIDAYS charges an administrative charge of Euro 25,--.

3. Service and prices

The publicised prices are weekly prices for the entire object in the corresponding booking period. Should a house contain several equal apartments with an equal number of rooms and number of people and equal prices then it will be marked with a number indicating its type (ex. 3+). In such a case the catalogue and price list will only display the first apartment of this type. Minor deviations of the description within the individual types are possible. Also possible are minor deviations with special offers within the same type. The minimum stay is usually 7 days. Arrival and departure days are Saturday (peak season). Exceptions are possible with written confirmation of the booking office. The prices do not contain utilities. Utility costs are listed on the confirmation. If this is not the case then costs are covered. These costs are charged together with the booking fee. Visitor’s tax is to be paid at location. Not covered in the booking fee or to be paid at location are special requirements on the guests’ behalf (Ex. Additional cleaning, bed linen, towels, etc.) In apartments in which Internet access is offered, the free offering of the service cannot constitute a decrease in value when the signal cannot be received. The reason does not matter. The infrastructural elements mentioned in the catalogue or on the booking confirmation (transport, shops, restaurants, sporting centres, etc.) are not parts of the contractual obligation of DIREKT HOLIDAYS. These ventures decide on their own about opening hours, etc. The same applies to public and private service suppliers (such as water or electricity works). Also any information about weather conditions constitutes no guarantee.
Apartements which are signed with "pets not allowed" must not be covered with pets. This addition does not include that these apartements are allergic friendly.

4. Service- and price changes

Descriptions of the objects and price calculations have been compiled very carefully. Service- and price changes that occurred before your reservation will be communicated in your booking and at the latest in your confirmation. Should there be differences between the printed price list, the catalogue and the confirmation then the confirmation is most important.

5. Arrival and departure; Lengthening or shortening of the stay

Arrival should occur between 2 PM and 6 PM. Departure should occur before 10 AM. Should you arrive later than 6 PM then you must inform DIREKT HOLIDAYS beforehand. Should you not be able to take over the booked object as agreed due to circumstance outside your responsibility such as traffic, strikes or personal reasons the entire rental fee is still due. The same applies if you leave the rented object before the termination of your rented period. If you wish to extend your stay then please inform the booking office as early as possible.

6. Avoidance of contract by you

In the case of avoidance or changes in booking after the finalization of the travel contract before begin of your stay DIREKT HOLIDAYS is entitled to charge the following cancelation fees: up to 43 days before begin your stay = 10%, up to 29 days before begin of travels = 50%, up to 20 days before begin of your stay = 80%. Cancellations after begin of the 19th day before begin of your stay or the day of arrival require payment of the entire rental fee. Decisive is the arrival of your notification in the booking office (in case of public holiday or Sundays the next working day counts) Every cancelation is charged with an administrative fee of Euro 40,-. We recommend booking cancelation insurance with your reservation. It will cover cancellation charges that occur due to sickness, accident, death of the renting person, of any fellow traveller or close relative (we require a doctor’s certificate). Cancelation insurance can be booked online on our homepage

7. Substitute objects and cancelation of the contract by DIREKT HOLIDAYS

In unforeseeable or invertible circumstances DIREKT HOLIDAYS is entitled to allocate an equal substitute object. DIREKT HOLIDAYS DIREKT HOLIDAYS is entitled to cancel the contract before or during the rental period if unforeseeable or invertible circumstances make the offering of the object impossible. This also applies if the lodger or the object is endangered to an extent that the service cannot be offered in a satisfactory manner. Money that has already been paid will be paid back minus charges for already delivered offerings.

8. Duties of the lodger

The rental object can only be occupied by the agreed number of people (children and infants included). Additional people may be rejected or charged individually at location. The rental object is to be used in a responsible manner. Hereby attention is also to be paid to neighbours, etc. Cleaning of kitchen utensils, of dishes or cutlery is responsibility of the lodger (and not included the charges for final cleaning). The mandatory rest period is from 10:00pm – 08:00am. If the lodger or other users cause damages then these are to be reported to the key holder immediately. The lodger can be made liable for any damages caused by him or any fellow users. This applies unless you can prove lack of fault. The same applies when the apartment cannot be rented to new lodgers. Any pets have to be announced in your booking (partially pets are not allowed in certain objects). In some cases Direkt Holidays is entitled to keep an appropriate deposit (€200,- oder €500,-) from the lodger. This deposit will be returned upon one week after departure on the given bank account.

9. Complaints

Should the object not conform to contractually specified standards or should you be damaged the key holder is to be informed immediately.

10. Liability of DIREKT HOLIDAYS

When the rental object does not offer the specifications detailed in the contract DIREKT HOLIDAYS will try hard to offer you an equal rental object. When this is not possible due to time constraints or should the lodger reject any such offer based on objectively important reasons DIREKT HOLIDAYS will reimburse a minimum amount if the company has any fault. Should you suffer any damages due to negligent breach of contract through DIREKT HOLIDAYS then the firm will stand up to its obligations. The legal liability for other damages than those to persons (ex. Damages to objects or assets) is limited to the double amount of the booking fee (the claims of all involved persons are added here). If the source of the damage can be traced to the following then DIREKT HOLIDAYS is not liable:
a. Actions or omissions on your behalf or of a fellow user
b. Unforeseeable or invertible failings of third parties, who are not part of delivering contractually specified offerings;
c. Acts of nature or events that DIREKT HOLIDAYS, the middle man or key holder could not control despite great care;
d. Damages due to burglary.
For any liabilities outside the contract these specifications are valid analogously. Liability for service providers and assisting persons are hereby explicitly excluded. International regulations and national laws with extenuating liability limitations or exclusions rank higher.

11. Legal choice and legal domicile

The relationship between you and DIREKT HOLIDAYS is governed by Austrian law. The customer can only sue DIREKT HOLIDAYS in the local district court. DIREKT HOLIDAYS can sue the customer at their place of residence or in the local district court. Delivery of the holiday object through us is in the name of and for billing of DIREKT HOLIDAYS.

12. Special supplementation of the terms of trade for Internet use

As the user of the Internet connection offered in the apartment the lodger will adhere to legal limits. They will not use or distribute offensive or illegal offerings. They will not reproduce copyrighted material, distribute it or make it available to others. Furthermore the user states that they will adhere to prevalent youth protection laws. They will not distribute offensive, defamatory or threatening material. Additionally no distribution of mass messages or any other form of prohibited advertising is allowed.
The user frees the supplier of third party offerings of any liability through damages or claims from third parties that can be traced to any illegal Internet usage or usage that does not adhere to the agreed terms.
All costs and expenses in relation to any illegal usage or usage that does not adhere to the agreed terms are to be covered by the person causing them.
Through the usage of the Internet the user accepts the terms of trade automatically.

Legal disclaimer

1.Content of the online offering

The author is not to be made responsible for currentness, correct content, integrity or quality of the offered information. Legal claims against the author that are based on material or immaterial damages or caused by usage or non-usage of the offered information or through the usage of incorrect or incomplete information are generally excluded. This applies so long as the author has not acted purposefully negligent. All offerings are tentative and non-committal. The author keeps the right to change, supplement, and delete any content or to temporarily or finally terminate publication.

2. References and links

In relation to indirect or direct references to other Internet pages ("Links) that lie outside the responsibility of the author a liability claim would only come into effect if the author knew of the content and it was technically possible (and reasonable) for him to prevent the usage of illegal content. For this reason the author states explicitly that the linked pages were free of illegal content at the time of referencing to them. The author has no influence on the current and future design and content of the linked / referenced web pages. Subsequently the author explicitly distances himself from linked / referenced pages that were altered after the use of links. This statement refers to all links and references set within the own Internet offering. It also applies to third party content in the guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists offered by the author. Only the direct author of illegal, incorrect or incomplete content can be made liable for damages caused by the usage or non-usage of these offerings. The author that merely links or references to pages that contain such content cannot be made liable.

3. Copyright- and right to hallmark

The author strives to pay attention to adhere to copyright claims for all graphics, audio files, video files and texts in all publications. Further the author strives to use graphics, audio files, video files and texts that he created himself or to use license-free graphics, audio files, video files and texts. All brands and trademarks used within the own Internet offering are limitlessly covered by the specifications of the applicable hallmark laws and the property rights of the registered owners. The simple naming should not lead to the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third party rights! The copyright for publicised content that has been created by the author shall remain in his ownership. Reproduction or usage of such graphics, audio files, video files and texts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without consent from the author.

4. Protection of privacy

If the opportunity is given to enter personal or corporate data in the Internet offering of the author (email address, name, postal address, etc) then the entering of such data is on a purely voluntary basis. When feasible or technically possible the usage of any offerings (and their payment) is also allowed through the entering of anonymised data or without the entering of data.

5. Legal validity of this legal disclaimer

This legal disclaimer is part of the Internet offering that refers to this page. In the case that parts or individual phrases used in this text do not partially or fully adhere to the prevalent laws then other parts of the text remain untouched by this in their content and validity.

6. Google Analytics

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