Our terms of payment

After a booking done in writing or via the telephone you will immediately receive a confirmation from us. A 50% down payment of the entire rental fee is to be paid within 14 days. The outstanding sum should be received by us approximately 2 weeks before your arrival. On location you can pay cash or with your EC card. Credit cards are NOT accepted .

The contract between you and DIREKT HOLIDAYS comes into effect with the down payment. If no such down payment is received within a 14 day period DIREKT HOLIDAYS can plan with the rental object as it sees fit. Short term reservations of less than 15 days require the entire payment immediately and the contract is thereby complete.

If the outstanding sum or the entire payment on short term bookings is not received in due time DIREKT HOLIDAYS is entitled to refuse the service. Special demands on your behalf can only be accepted by the booking office in a non-committal fashion. No legal claim can be made as to the fulfilment of these wishes unless DIREKT HOLIDAYS has confirmed (in writing) that it will fulfil the demand. DIREKT HOLIDAYS charges an administrative fee of Euro 25,- for every booking.

Bank accounts


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IBAN: AT87 3507 0000 0003 6905