Our social project – Helping children in Moldova

On the 15th October 2011 we created on the 4.444 birthday of our company the aid organization "Kinderhilfe Moldawien". Direkt Holidays makes it possible for its costumers (guests) to spend the most beautiful time of the year in one of the most secure, most beautiful but also most prosperous states in Europe. Our company earns its money by this business. Now we would like to give a part of this back because of our engagement and our social responsibility. The society "Kinderhilfe Moldawien" supports orphan homes in Moldova. We chose Moldova because it is Europe's poorest country and children (specially orphans) grow up under bad conditions. For this activity got awarded with the charity Label "We care".

We want to show sustainable competence and make words into action. Please help and support our project of humanity. More details at our website: www.kinderhilfe-moldawien.com