Important hints before your arrival

Bed linen

The rental objects of Direkt Holidays do not usually include bed linen and towels in the regular fee. This is the case unless the specification states otherwise. You can book bed linen and towels with Direkt Holidays (for prices see utilities list). No reservation is required here.

Mattresses and duvets

Usually double beds will have single mattresses (2 separate single mattresses per double bed) and the duvets are also single duvets.

Arrival and Departure

The office of Direkt Holidays is open on Saturdays between 8 AM and 6 PM. You can enter your rental object between 2 PM and 4 PM. Earlier access is only possible in exceptional cases.

The lodging is to be evacuated by 10 AM. The keys are to be left with the Direkt Holidays office.

Advice for a relaxed departure:
You can plan your departure in your own fashion. Our experience indicates that traffic wise an advantageous time to depart is in the early morning (5 AM to 7 AM). Should you decide on this then you can leave your keys in the post box (on the right next to the door of the office).

Cleaning and garbage

Upon booking of your rental object cleaning costs are automatically calculated.
We state that you must leave your rental object in a clean state. Part of that is also that you appropriately dispense of the garbage (recycling yard Königsleiten).
Should you leave the rental object without dispensing of the garbage we have to charge an additional fee of EUR 50,00 per rental object!


Pets are only allowed in the appropriately indicated rental objects (max. 1 pet per object). Costs per pet are EUR 7,50 per day.

Pets are to be registered upon Check In. We charge a deposit of EUR 200,00. This deposit is reimbursed after the agreed final check.

Number of persons

The maximum amount of persons is indicated with each rental object. Children count as individual people (ex. Chalet Snowise = 10 persons / 8 grownups + 2 children). As long as they sleep in cribs Babies and small children are possible. This does require agreement on behalf of Direkt Holidays however. Agreements will be confirmed in writing.

Over-occupancy without prior written confirmation is prohibited!